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The School for the Performing Arts offers beginning, intermediate & advanced piano instruction with an emphasis on note-reading & rhythm in the beginning stages as foundational to successful piano playing. Piano instructors use traditional piano methods & advance toward classical piano instruction. Music theory is emphasized & scales, technique & chords are taught to advancing students. The School enrolls both new & transfer students, 2nd grade (age 8) & older, including adults.

The School for the Performing Arts offers voice instruction to beginning, recreational & serious singers. The Voice instructors believe in the natural expression of the voice through breath support & resonance. After understanding the healthy foundation for singing, the student can learn to apply the techniques into the specific genres that they wish to pursue. Instruction in a supplementary instrument is recommended as it enforces the fundamentals of music. Voice lessons are offered to students 5th grade through adult.

The School for the Performing Arts offers beginning, intermediate & advanced guitar instruction with a curriculum that is tailored to each individual student. The guitar instructors will teach the rudimentary basics of how guitar-based music works while playing different guitar-based genres & styles as well as advanced concepts such as improvisation, writing & composition techniques & even recording basics. Fundamental notation & theory is offered and recommended, especially for younger students, but not necessarily a requirement. Regardless of musical taste, background or age, if you have the desire to learn to play the guitar come talk to us.

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Depending on your instructor's direction, students will be encouraged to perform in SPA recitals and performances. The School for the Performing Arts will host two large recitals throughout the year (Christmas & Spring) and an array of Showcases, studio recitals & peer evaluations. (Showcases feature intermixed performances from dancers and musicians, in order to “showcase” everything the SPA offers.)  There will also be duet opportunities for piano students, as well as opportunities for the music studios to collaborate with each other.

The School for the Performing Arts will host a Regional Piano Festival in Fort Morgan on Saturday, April 18, 2015. The goal of the Piano Festival is to offer a low-cost, low-travel alternative to piano competitions and auditions in the metro areas of Colorado. A regional Festival presents a learning opportunity for students in Northeast Colorado so that, regardless of their age or ability or number of pieces, they can perform their pieces at an event other than a recital, AND get valuable feedback from someone other than their primary teacher. 

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